Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management integrates technologies, plans, and experiences that an organization uses to manage and interact with customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

In simple words, it refers to the ideas, norms, and specifications that a company follows while interacting with its customers and potential customers. CRM systems gather client information using different channels and mark all interaction points between the client and the business. It can be the company's social media accounts, direct mail, live chat, website, telephone number, and promotional materials. .

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Customer Relationship Management

CRM's primary objective is to offer satisfying customer experiences that will promote more business from clients, enabling companies to build up loyal clients. Businesses make use of CRM software to strengthen their relationships with customers, service users, partners, and suppliers.

  • Social Media Integration
  • Track Your Sales
  • Prioritize Leads
  • Bulk Email/Whatsapp
  • Lead Refer System
  • Role Wise Lead Distribution

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It makes the company’s work easy and smooth through centralization which integrates everything in one place. This helps companies make their services more efficient and fast as they can easily find anything and also identify their potential customers without too much effort and research.CRM prices can vary depending on the size of the organization, no.of employees, and the required features as per your work. CRM can be used in several ways, like analyzing consumer purchase patterns or processing returns and complaints. An example of CRM is sending a personalized thank-you email to clients after a major purchase, which improves how the customer wants to interact with the business as well as increases the chance of future purchases. Customers can be more satisfied with the services which also improves customer satisfaction.
CRM is of various types which include Cloud-based CRM, Open Source CRM, and On-premises CRM. Companies use them based on their different requirements. CRM is very useful but without proper implementation, it will become confusing. Companies need to centralize their database carefully and connect all the data by keeping in mind all the requirements otherwise when they try to find anything, it will become messy and they will get. CRM is a very powerful tool, but it is up to the user how they want to use it. If they use it efficiently, it will benefit them, if they get confused while using it, it will be of no use for them.

CRM Feature

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration in CRM allows firms to get important data and information like qualities, interests, and actions. This data can be used to customize marketing strategies and improve products and services. Social Media Integration helps business to improve their brand value by evaluating and monitoring reviews and conversations related to their products and services

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Track Your Sales

If companies have information regarding their costumes, they can deliver and produce much better products and services. Through CRM, companies can track down sales by using tools that identify customer's wants and purchases. Track Your Sales feature helps businesses manage sales processes effectively, follow leads, and analyze revenue generation for organizations.

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Prioritize Leads

Prioritizing refers to marking your leads as per their value. Urgency and possibilities of conversion. Companies use CRM to prioritize the leads through scores, ratings, and value. By prioritizing leads, companies can save time and resources and focus on the most profitable and efficient needs.

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Bulk Email

Bulk Email feature enables organizations to send an email to several users at once. This feature is effective for mass communication with customers, leads, and contacts. Organizations use CRM features to schedule emails, open and click analyses, and form a sending list based on your business requirements.

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Whatsapp Template

WhatsApp feature in CRM allows companies to make their customer interaction better. Using this feature, companies can send a common predefined message to their customers while interacting with them. By using this feature, companies can build strong WhatsApp business communication while maintaining security efficiently.

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Lead Refer System

Lead Refer System in CRM enables companies to refer important leads to their team members and others within their system, which ensures that the leads are managed efficiently. It enables refer tracking, ensures proper credits, and helps team members convert potential leads into customers.

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Role Wise Lead Distribution

Role Wise Lead Distribution in CRM enables companies to distribute leads as per their role which ensures that work is done collaboratively without putting pressure on one person. It ensures smooth workflow and enhances productivity by assigning work to the most suitable employee as per their skills. Knowledge and Position.

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