Admission Management System (AMS)

An easy and effective admission process is required in schools and colleges in this dynamic world. But today, different institutions use different admission processes which makes the admission process confusing for everyone. Admission Management System offers an effective solution for this problem.

Admission Management System is a software designed to smoothen and automate the admission process. It helps institutions manage their student enrollment process efficiently and effectively. The Admission Management System manages all the admission-related queries, online application process, checks their eligibility, the document submission process, and final shortlisted candidates.
The admission process is time-consuming and hectic work and involves various things like document verification, checking application forms, and lots of paperwork. Digital Solution for this process makes it easier for institutions to take admissions. Admission Management System provides tools to institutions that can handle the admission process efficiently. By using the Admission Management System, organizations can increase their admission rates, track and manage student queries, and effectively handle the whole process.

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Admission Management System

Admission Management System provides several benefits like providing incredible user experience by providing flexibility to users to access the site using any device. Also, it reduces the paperwork by integrating everything online and thus, promotes an environmentally friendly process.

  • Manage Center & Subcenter
  • Online Application Submission
  • Wallet System for Payments
  • Dynamic Application form based on Universities
  • Sharing System
  • Dynamic Fee Structure

AMS Features

Admission Management System is important for everyone. It improves everyone’s life in a way from parents to college institutions themselves. It helps schools and colleges to increase their efficiency and productivity while it helps applicants in an easy application process without standing in long queues, in the comfort of their homes.

Manage Center & Subcenter

The manage Center and Sub Center feature of the Admission Management System allows institutions to create various centers and subcenters at multiple locations to smoothen the admission process while centralizing control and monitoring all the admission activities

Online Application Submission

The online Application Submission feature of the Admission Management System allows prospective candidates to submit their application through the online process conveniently without any issue. It reduces the paperwork and improves the process while providing transparency as students can track their application status from home and get a clear view regarding admission.

Wallet System for Payments

The Wallet System for Payments feature of the Admission Management System allows users to put money in a digital wallet so that they can use it at the time of the admission process and have seamless transactions. It enables users security and flexible options for fee payments and refunds within their system. It improves the overall user experience and financial management.


The re-registration feature of the Admission Management System allows existing users to easily register for the upcoming academic year. It allows user to update any existing information and they can easily enroll without entering the complete details again and they can move to their further education without any hectic registration process.

Dynamic Application form based on Universities

Dynamic Application form based on the University's feature of the Admission Management System customize form based on each university's different requirements, adjusting questions and fields. It helps universities to get the desired application forms, increases user experience, and eases the application process for institutions and

Sharing System

The sharing System feature of the Admission Management System enables universities to share the application form with different departments, stakeholders, and officials for review and further process. It enhance communication between the departments and ensures a smooth workflow within the organization

Dynamic Fee Structure

The dynamic Fee Structure feature of the Admission Management System calculates the university or school fee based on various criteria like course, Duration, scholarship, and several other things. It assures a smooth fee process, increases more transparent financial communication, and fulfills the different student requirements.

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