Online Examination Portal

Online Exam Portal is like a virtual classroom where exams and tests are conducted on the online platform rather than the physical classroom. "Online Exam Portal" is a virtual exam simulator that enables you to take exams quickly and effectively without having to waste time physically scrutinizing the test paper. This online test portal's main aim is to smoothly and comprehensively evaluate students using a fully automated approach that reduces a substantial amount of time and delivers results that are authentic and accurate. It saves students time and effort by allowing them to submit papers at their idleness from anywhere at any time, without having extra stuff like paper or pens. Students can choose a fast and easy way to take the examination through the online exam site. Additionally, it transmits the results with 100% accuracy right after completing the test with complete security.

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Online Examination Portal

Furthermore, it provides the results with 100% correctness and security right away following the test. Students who use a working login and password are the only ones who can access the exam. There are multiple-choice questions with a sufficient number of substitutes on this test. There are no restrictions on the number of alternatives, and since they can be randomly selected, not every student will see the same set of questions, eliminating fraud. The user can only choose one choice, even if multiple choices could be accurate. It gives a time restriction. Once the exam is over, the user can view their results. This makes it easier for students to complete exams from a distance and offers users security, ease of use, and other useful features.

  • AI & Video Proctoring
  • Auto Shuffle Questions
  • Difficulty Level of Exam

Online Examination Portal features -

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AI & Video Proctoring

The AI and Video Proctoring Feature of the Online Exam Portal uses AI and video cameras to monitor students and prevent cheating in exams. It monitors and analyzes students and suspects any unusual change in user position like looking away from the computer screen or using unauthorized resources, therefore making the exam more credible and fair

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Auto Shuffle Questions

The auto Shuffle Question feature of the Online Exam Portal puts questions in random order for each student. It prevents the possibility of cheating and ensures fair examination by preventing predictability. It ensures that each student faces questions in different order which maintains the level and credibility of the exam

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Difficulty Level of Exam

Difficulty Level of Exam Feature enables universities to set papers differently according to the different capabilities of the student. Student can choose the difficulty level based on their future goals and learning skills. This helps students to get more personalized education based on their understanding level.

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